Two police cars shutting off a road with signs due to a traffic collision.

Collision Investigation Studies

Do you need help with your road collision investigation?

Road Safety Engineering, along with Collision Investigation, are major elements in the actions we need to take in order to achieve Casualty Reduction Targets. Some Local Authorities are finding that the detailed work required to assess and implement Local Safety Schemes is becoming quite a challenge, which is where we can help.

TMS have the knowledge and experience to comprehensively support your organisation in reaching its strategic objectives. We have a highly skilled team of Engineers who have extensive experience within the public sector and have a reputation for responsive delivery times of quality projects, that have been shown to improve safety.

Our experience

We have carried out countless traffic and collision studies at site specific locations, along routes and throughout areas in both urban and rural locations in the UK and internationally. These studies involved collision analysis, public consultation, scheme design and monitoring studies.

Below are just some of the projects we have been involved in over our 30 plus year… history:

  • Collision Investigation Study – Marston Gate Phase 2, Bedford
  • Solihull MBC – Collision Investigation Studies
  • Route Accident Study Reviews, Essex
  • Route Studies, Lambeth
  • Road Accident Investigation Studies, Hull
  • Urban Safety Zone Initiatives and Route Studies, Harrow
  • AIP and Local Safety Scheme, Bexley
  • Icelandic Cluster Site Studies, Reykjavik
  • AIP Route Studies, East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Collision Data Analysis –  Maidstone, Kent
  • Junction Safety Review – Tean, Staffordshire
Car following a front end collision with police cars parked around it.

Speak To Our Team

TMS have extensive experience in carrying out collision investigation studies for our clients.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific project requirements, then please call Lorna Styring on 02476690900.

Alternatively, if you would like to contact us through our website, please click below.  The General Enquiry form will be submitted direct to Lorna, who will respond accordingly.

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